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Summer of Startups – our entry to the startup scene

We have been asked many times: ”Why do you participate in Summer of Startups? You don’t need the program.” All I can say is that we definitely needed the program. None from our team has been an entrepreneur or in touch with startup scene before Lääkärihinta.fi. Our team has a strong background in health care business and software development, but that doesn’t mean that we are super stars at entrepreneurship. We have been super stars in our own way, but we still needed to get in touch with the startup scene and expand our network.

Startup Sauna

In the beginning of this summer I was so excited about the program!

Summer of Startups was our entry to the startup scene. During the summer, we met loads of entrepreneurial super stars. We met serial entrepreneurs, successful startup entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors. Creating contacts and introducing ourselves and our business to these people was definitely the most beneficial thing for us. We had many good conversations from which we will benefit also after the program. We appreciate that all these meetings had been booked for us and all we needed to do was to make some research into their backgrounds and show up to the meetings.

The program also included lectures, workshops, and founders’ talks from entrepreneurs, and field specialists. Our team couldn’t participate in all of those sessions, but the ones we were listening were worth participating. We got a short syllabus of startup entrepreneurship. Now we know, how startup entrepreneurship is seen in Finland, and how people here think things should be done. We don’t feel as rookies any longer.

Reaktor Workshop

Reaktor’s workshop of iterative development prosesses.

Marshmallow challenge

Hands on! Marshmallow challenge.

Demo Day ended Summer of Startups on Friday. The day contained opening speeches, a pitching competition, demo stands, and a huge after-party. All the teams presented their businesses in the pitching competition and demonstrated their products and services on stands. The quality of this year’s teams was higher than ever before. The decision for the winner of the pitching competition wasn’t easy for the judges.

The winner was FactoryFinder, which creates a platform for apparel manufacturing. They connect small and medium-sized brands with responsible and high-quality apparel manufacturers. They have a professional team behind the service, which makes me believe in them. The team is everything in a startup. The idea is secondary, because without a good team even a perfect idea won’t succeed. The team is the one that has to have skills to execute and make the idea successful. I can’t wait to see what FactoryFinder will be in the future! They really deserved the main prize to boost their business.


The winner of this year: FactoryFinder!!!

We are very thankful to Jesse Miettinen and Jesse Merilampi who organized the program! These guys have done loads of work to make the best summer for all the teams. They have also been a part of our business by helping to book meetings and helping us every way they can. These guys should definitely start their own startup! They have skills to get shit done and they have a perfect entrepreneurial attitude.

We are as well thankful to all the teams and mentors in this summer’s batch. They made the Summer of Startups. I’m also happy, because many of the teams will continue developing their business after the program in Startup Sauna. It feels like the program never ends, because the same people will be there with us! SO COOOOL!

The atmosphere of the Demo Day looked like this:

Laakarihinta stand

Preparing our stand for the evening.


While waiting for the event begin I had time to play like a child!

Our pitch

Our pitch.

Sauna full of people

The Sauna was full of people!

Pull-up challenge

We had a pull-up challenge on our stand!

Superhero Capital

Jakob from Superhero Capital was the first investor participating in our challenge! Great job Jakob!


I tried to expand our stand by masking people also from neighbor stand to look like us.


The day continued long into the night.