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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) information

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an imaging examination based on detectable radio frequencies from hydrogen atoms of our body in a magnetic field. MRI does not use ionizing radiation, and is thus also suitable for children.
Before the examination
Before the imaging examination, it is allowed to eat and drink normally and take regular medicines. An initial information sheet is filled before the examination. Metal objects and bank cards must be left outside the imaging room because of strong magnetic fields that attract metal.
About the examination

The tunnel in the MRI machine is roughly 60-70 cm in diameter. The machine is air conditioned, lit and open from both ends. At times, the machine may produce high volumes, for which you receive ear plugs. A nurse can be contacted at all times during the examination. The length of the examination can be 15-45 minutes depending on the machine.

A contrast agent without iodide might be infused into the veins of the arm to better the contrast of the imaging examination.


MRI can be used to investigate traumas and diseases of musculoskeletal system, head, neck, stomach, breasts and the circulatory system among other.

The most popular MRI examinations are:

MRI of the head

The scan explores changes in the brain tissue and circulatory system among other things.

MRI of the back

MRI is the best imaging examination for the spinal column. The examination investigates diseases of the intervertebral discs e.g. spinal disc herniation.

MRI of the knee

The examination provides valuable information on the structure of the knee joint e.g. the meniscus and cross ligaments.

MRI of the cervical vertebrae

Metallic parts in the body may hinder the examination. You should contact the MRI unit beforehand, if you have metallic parts in your body. This is usually double checked at the MRI unit through thorough interview and filling of an initial information sheet.

The prices are starting from prices. You are eligible for KELA reimbursements only if you have a referral to an MRI scan from a private specialist doctor.

To consider
To consider
The prices do not include weekend, on call or holiday increases in prices.
What we do
What we do
We enable patients to compare private healthcare services. Finding and comparing healthcare services isn't easy. Our goal is to bring transparency to pricing, availability and quality of healthcare services. Please consider that KELA reimbursements have to be accounted for eligible payers. Lääkä price-estimates include these factors to make comparing healthcare prices as easy as possible.
Price information
Price information
The presented prices are starting from prices. We believe that price transparency benefirts the patient. This is why clinics who have voluntarily given their price information are open about their pricing and have a check mark next to their clinic in the search results. You can check how up-to-date the price information is by hovering the mouse over the price in the search results.
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